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What is #sorrowtrap???



I' am the creator of #sorrowtrap.

#sorrowtrap - something I created back in early 2015 as my own personal genre of music.

"I would constantly be told that I had my own sound… So I created my own genre."

After learning more about music, the different genres, and how much was already out there. I began to use #sorrowtrap as a brand to showcase, myself, my art, and my "way of life".

"an easy hashtag for people to click"

- if they want to get a quick update on everything going on in my world.

The initial sonics behind #sorrowtrap "the genre"; is a "haunting"...."melancholy" a "sadness". But a sadness FROM LOSS.

Often playing with sonnets, hymns or nursey rhymes. Turning something once innocent and childlike to something dark, sinister or spooky. While on the other hand the inverse is #sorrowtrap as well. Taking something sad, scary, or tragic and making it sound bubbly, fun, & happy. Tragic in the literal sense. But also in a "Victorian", or "Romeo and Juliet" type of way. As there is a "high fashion" or "Classical" component to #sorrowtrap. (That's where the hymns or sonnets come in).. all still through a typically dark and muddy lens.. or again the inverse.

(However, I'm speaking mainly sonically. As a videographer & graphic designer I haven't had much time to really explore this visually) However some of the visual aesthetics include VHS- CRT- FOUND FOOTAGE - Mixed with Nostalgia core, Dream core, and/or Cottage core - But with a primary place in Gothic, Victorian, or Urbane Decay. Creating this sense of something...

"so nostalgic you just might vomit"...

Over time #sorrowtrap began adopting major lyrical themes involving arrogance, pain, love, deception, tragedy, redemption, triumph, and conquest. The main musical genres #sorrowtrap encompasses are Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Cloud Rap, Phonk, Pop Rap, Alternative, Punk, & EDM. With some of its roots stemming from Industrial & Lo-fi Hip Hop - Boom Bap and Horrorcore. Basically, if it falls into any of these categories (or some of the subgenres) you can call it #sorrowtrap.

***But only If you'd like :)

In closing, it's really the combination of these things. Any set, or grouping of the many genres, themes, & lyrical components/structures I've listed. Can be called #sorrowtrap. The choice is yours. (I also use the term sonnets rather loosely as I'm not referring specifically to a 14 line structure, rather the kind of of style and tone one might have when writing a classical poem)

**Key points **

#sorrowtrap - a common "collective" a "fight club" unified by "#sorrowtrap" for people who support a large yet niche set of aesthetics, themes, and musical genres (listed and explained above).

Put all of those things, into a vin diagram &

#sorrowtrap would sit at the center of it.

Yes! #sorrowtrap is for the people.

More on that below!

You can be apart of #sorrowtrap in many ways! 1.) By simply using the HASHTAG. You're already a honorary #sorrowtrap "scientist" ;)

If you create music and label it as #sorrowtrap and it's good music + you're following the very broad guidelines I set above. Then you're a #sorrowtrap artists.

It's that simple. So if anybody out there likes this kind of vibe/music and/or you make music too just list it as #sorrowtrap and I'll come find you. If its good<3

However if you don't respect the brand, if you don't respect myself as the creator. YOU ARE A LAME !! You are not #sorrowtrap you are not #S4wT [Pronounced: "Sought" - "sought after"] ( its the abbreviation)

Respect it by either following the very broad guidelines... or at the very least paying homage. Don't just spam the hashtag #sorrowtrap in the hopes someone will see you. Keep in regard to the type of content, the people who support #sorrowtrap are looking for !!!

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